life. as i know it

March 15, 2009

just thinking, that however much help i want to get for anything, whether it be in terms of personal, financial, social….help to ppl…   Allah still knows me best.

i cn sit here bloggin away about so many things or i can cry ma hart to God, priorities.ay?

I suppose at least i recognise my arrogance though my ignorance(the latter means that which a person thinks he knows and acts all bad wn he dont, i dint know tht before) so at least inshallah am of those who at least aint totally arrogant to not even see they doin wrong, but ive noticed that when in times of need and one asks for peoples help, whther openly or as a male, indirectly, people are just that people, they have time for you and their own lives,But God

well…He’s  always there, yeh we ask ppl but inshallah i will ask God alot more, inshallah ma blogs are likema diary bt obviously nt 100% personal as it can be seen by anyone (of trillions) or a few or just me!!

i wonder why am posting blogs?is it due to me finking am knowledgeable, when am more like hypocrite or am i being too down trodden and weak?

so life, its crazy but what a test, i just look at others ~(and when i may notbe  looking down at them…) and think how do they live, but i think i need to taste life and start actually putting true belief and hope in allah and hold his rope in this meandering somewhat stoodstill life.


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