On a boat, i may make use of it to take me on my deen to my dream.
Or i may be capsized and sunk.
I may utilize the water underneath me, around me, flowing upon it or i may allow the water of the deep seas to enter and fill my boat to its utmost.
Then i may be sunk with my hopes, drowned with my life and my soul gone.
I may try to utilize the world and be in it, let the water engulf my boat and me (my DEEN)
I just might utilise the water, and tame the raging seas and be UPON the world, withholding the pleasures and still travel with my boat of the DEEN to the best place!
have the chance to go towards any place, to anyone, i have the chance to be anyone
who do i be and what do i do?
Do i aim for the day after my BOAT of the Deen? or do i destroy myself on my boat?
This is the DEEN, this boat.
so what do i do?what do i do?what does one do?what can one do?
cos.soon i may be home, fulfilling my DEEN by using my DEEN .
Traveling on the boat of the ‘Deen’ involves discourse on the deen, here by giving to you whatever good i have been gifted from what i heard and read, i hope it is also a means of inculcating what i convey and also a means for the traveler to glide to that oft mentioned place.
Your Acquaintance. Your Friend. Your Brother,

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