Once ‘Umar the second caliph of Islam wept and then smiled and The Companions seeing this asked to why he did this.


He replied,

“I wept because (in the times of ignorance /jahiliyah)  i remember burying my little daughter alive and whilst i was burying her, she took hold of my beard. I cried because this deeply saddened me.


I smiled because (in the times ignorance times) i once made a idol out of dates and i got hungry so i ate it!”

(note: not word for word)



Guiding to truth

March 19, 2009

ferrari BLOG

‘  The guide someone to the truth is better than 5 Bentleys/Ferrari’s  ‘

~ From the Prophet of Allah narration, not word for word but more commentary

(well He aid something like ‘5 red camels which were defintely similar/expensiffff!!)

the question arised what if you take a person away from truth?

The Emissary of God, Muhammad said

“The truest words spoken by a poet are the verses of Labid’:

“Is not all vain except God.”

– narrated by Abu Hurayra

Every thing, but Allah, is vain
And all happiness, unconditionally, will vanish
When a man is on a night joumey, he thinks that he has accomplished some deed
But man spends his life in hopes
If you do not trust your self, approve it
Perhaps the past would unclose it to you
When you do not find a father other than ‘Adah and Ma’iid,
The judge (God) will punish you
On the day when every body will be informed of his deeds
When the record of his life is opened before Allah’


GOOD BLOG?excellent.i had just skimmed it in search for the Hadeeth{s} (Prophetic narration{s}) which read like

The Apsostle of The Almighty(May God’s Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him)

stated in reply to a companion that had missed the Dawn Prayer (freshener) due to sleeping, that He said

(to a near affect)

“the satan has urinated in his ears”



The close humble and honored friend of The Emissary of God(Peace and Blessing Be Upon Him) Abu bakr, (Whom may God be please with) wrote a letter to the leaders of Ar-Rum,The Romans

it said(to the nearest affect),

” How can you be arrogant against God(Allaah)?

How can you you be arrogant against God?

When he made you from the place where water flows twice”


Pray that Allah makes me (and every human)  dawn and ponder upon these most humble most profound counsels.

and think what do they mean, what is that truth.

Glory be to God